Insights and Guidance In Person

If you love my blog, and all of my insights, why not have me tell you what I think in-person. I can provide my insights and guidance for those searching to become a “Happily Divorcee”  and everyone else despite “status” that enjoy my insights on personal life fulfillment with or without a partner.

Services include:

  • Coaching Workshops: Steps to Getting the Divorce Paperwork Done on Your Own; Co-Parenting: Achieving a Balanced Relationship with Your Ex-Hubby; Getting Back Out & Dating as a Divorcee and/or Single Mother; Attaining Independence and Life Fulfillment Despite Status
  • Motivational speeches; and
  • Thought-pieces for all types of print outlets, including your own blog.

For further information: Email:  Subject: Insights

Legal Forms/ Sources:

Non-Disclosure Agreements
Power of Attorney Forms
Auto Bill of Sale


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A personal journey and pathway to minimize obstacles living as a divorcee

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