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17 Signs You’re An Option, NOT A Priority

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We hate to break it to you, but…

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V-Day Bliss for the Attached, Not-Yet-Defined and Single-

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Valentine’s Day is either the much-anticipated hot date of the year for the coupled-up or the much loathed and dreaded day by the single-dom. Valentine’s Day is a signal and reminder to the unattached that they are alone and not loved by a special someone. The men who are attached feel the pressure to step up their romance game or expect to hear about their lack of efforts for months on end, so to many it because a requirement rather than a genuine effort. Those that are entrapped in the non-exclusive relationships are filled with anxiety wondering if that new guy or gal or the one who has been around for a while will want to spend the designated day for lovers with them. Not to fret, despite your status there are plenty of ways to make your Valentine’s Day blissful.

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The Happily or Not-So-Happily Singles:

Don’t sit at home watching re-runs of romantic comedies with a tissue box pondering on why you are alone on this date. Get out of the house. Arrange a date with your girlfriends- go out for cocktails and check out that new anticipated movie “Fifty Shades of Grey”. For the gents and ladies attend a Valentine’s Day Party for singles or a concert. There are an abundance of them. Getting out on the scene ramps up the possibility of meeting a potential that you can spend V-Day with next year. It sure beats staying at home.

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The Not-Yet-Defined:

Keep it light. You do not have to reserve a four-course dinner reservation, send flowers and splurge on an expensive gift. If not quite sure your “not-yet-defined” lover or mate is exclusive to only you, then arrange a less formal evening the night before or after V-Day. Enjoy each other’s company over after-work cocktails, watch a movie or have a two to three star restaurant meal. This lets the person know that they are cared for and you are accepting of the no boundaries relationship that currently exists. Let your not-yet-exclusive mate keep their V-Day open. If you are lucky maybe the two of you will get to spend two evenings with each other. If the relationship is still new, how about arranging a group gathering. An eventful evening out dancing with other co-ed friends is sure to be a great time.

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The Attached:

Now fellas you have once a year to show your “A” game (okay maybe twice, there is anniversary too). If you are in love with your woman, why not make this day and/or night exceptional. Now I understand everyone has different budgets. But you can have a special evening without breaking your wallet. A home-cooked meal and a bottle of wine is always wonderful. Follow that with a gift-wrapped box of pleasures that are soothing to your eyes and soft on her skin is always a win-win for both parties. Woman love romantic comedies and really appreciate a man who is willing to accommodate and watch a movie with them. A night out dancing, his and her massages are also great idea, followed by a great meal.

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Don’t Forget The Men:

While Valentine’s Day is known to be geared to the ladies, men need to feel appreciated too. While I feel the guy should be making the dinner reservations, the woman needs to make her man feel special. Make sure you reciprocate the generosity.  Be prepared with a  small gift and card. A bottle of cologne is always great.

Depending on the tenure of your relationship, determines the type of gift. The staple is at least a card. Do not show up empty-handed. A Valentine’s Day card whether humorous, sappy, or in-between is an ultimate requirement. The flowers and gifts are optional, but the card is a must. Now if you have some relationship history, splurge on the roses. She deserves them.

Reflecting on my most memorable V-Day moments, they were always the simple and creative ones. A fancy dinner is wonderful, but a home-cooked dinner or a picnic at a park has always been my favorite.

V-Day Bliss for the Attached, Not-Yet-Defined and Single…Which Are You? How Will You Spend V-Day? 

16 Struggles Of Being Both An Independent Woman And A Hopeless Romantic

Thought this was fantastic! My Struggle Every Day or Every Other Day depending if I am focusing on the Independent Woman or the Hopeless Romantic side of me.

Thought Catalog

1. A lot of people think the two things are mutually exclusive. You either have to be a doe-eyed romantic stumbling around desperately looking for love, or you have to be a strong, aggressive, ambitious career woman who doesn’t need a man. A lot of people try to tell you, through their actions or their words, that you’re not allowed to be both.

2. There aren’t a ton of women similar to you represented on the big screen. Sure, there are some. But not enough. Most of the women in the film are portrayed as one-dimensional love interests for men, or cold-hearted, career robots that learn to change and “soften up” when they fall in love. A lot of films make us feel like we can’t have both.

3. If you manage to have both a stable career and a healthy relationship, people often like to ask you how you…

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Keep It Classy! Break-ups Aren’t Easy!

Your heart feels hollow! It was once filled with promise of reciprocity: love, friendship, trust and intimacy. You just vested your time, heart and everything you had in this person. Your hopes of possibly having a “happily ever after” did not manifest. Sadness runs through your body. Your emotions run wild. Was these feelings you had based on real happenings or was it all staged to captivate your heart and watch it shatter in a thousand pieces? Was it something you did wrong or quality that you lacked? Or was it just timing? Maybe your canvas of a relationship did not match your partner’s. Maybe he found it in another.

Despite the demise of a relationship, the outcome of how it ends is controlled by you. Hone in all of those emotions, be it hate, sorrow, or relief. If you felt that you were double-crossed by someone you trusted or angry that the outcome just did not go your way, do not seek revenge. Get your head out of the past. Good Riddance! There is no need to seek for your ex-partner to feel the type of hurt your feeling internally.


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Men Seek Out A Woman Who Gives Him Less Stress? Is That So? Now Here Is Where We Go Wrong or Left Sometimes!

 “The woman who provides him with the less stress is the woman who he is going to seek to spend most of his time with”

via Instagram @dearwomenihaventsleptwith  This gentleman has authored a book which I highly recommend. Please visit to download his book.


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Are You In Love With Your Relationship But Not Your Partner? As published on

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