I Got Tha Kryptonite!! Really???

In a sex-craze society, woman and men equate their power over the opposite sex by the delivery and presentation of  their powerful goodies. They love to mention how their mate is sprung, whipped,  orenchanted by their love-making and God’s given assets.

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We as women can become obsessed with attracting  and pleasing our men. It is all about physical presentation. We work to maintain our figure,  dedicate hours to the gym, squat reps three to four times a week, and are enraptured by the latest diet fads.  We nurture the retail of sweet-scented skin firming creams, waxing, asset-enhancing lingerie, spandex leggings, 4-inch pumps to provide that fantasy for our mate. We listen to their suggestions in improving our sex-game….we want to satisfy all their desires. We let them take all of us, we just want to be the girl he likes and desires.  When your mate is voracious, you feed him your kisses, touches, licks wherever and whenever. We perform strip-teases, take notes from the reveled sex professionals and try to simulate the kinky sex innuendos. When your man finally bursts and gives you that gratuitous gasp after great lovemaking….. you become satisfied. The wonderful sensation of knowing you took great care of your man. He will crave and want more of all your goodness. Yes, you have that Kryptonite.

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My gents, feel that if they put it down right, the chick will fall in love. You will set her straight after all that running of her mouth she did earlier, you will beat that cherry up. Ya’ll as men become a bit fanatical on your presentation too. Pump that iron so those biceps could look so lovely while arching your lady’s back.  The trend of shaving areas other than your face is in contagion. While maybe not the one who shows off your dance moves on the floor…behind close doors you practice your grind and wind. You secretly periodically measure your daddy long ensuring it is still that solid Wonder Thunder. Your mate climaxes after crazy gorilla sex….and you are comforted….ego is stroked. Yes, you have that Kryptonite. Your woman is bounded to you and ain’t going nowhere. She knows how you give it to her.

Really??? Does “great sex” make a woman or man stay? Can you say that your bedroom talents and great physique….is that “kryptonite”… they are weakened and will have an insatiable appetite to keep coming back for more? 

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The “It” Factor

That “It” factor in the bedroom got your mate crazy “Drunken in Love”. But will that transform in your man “putting a ring on it”? That signature “Thrust” you put on your woman is legendary. She shares your lovemaking skills to her girlfriends. However, will that in itself make her loyal to you only?

The theory of being sexually satisfying in alluring and keeping your mate is broadcast through pop culture, hip hop media and entertainment. Strip clubs are now mainstream staples. Models have stepped-up their raunch. Everyone wants to know how to step up their sex game. Infidelity is reality. Seeking to be loved and satisfying boosts economy dollars.

Amazing sex is great…but as a woman…it in itself is not going to make me stay. You may “put it down” and “tear that cherry out”, but can you also be affectionate, share in my interests, be a provider, have my back, engage in great conversation, and always remind me how special I am to you? If so, that will keep me loyal.

For the ladies….while you may master that “twerk”, fine-tuned how you lick a lollipop, and chiseled your body to emulate that model on the front cover of Maxim or King magazine…but that ain’t going to provide you with a “happily ever after” with your man. To get that loyalty you desire….you have to hold it down, show you are independent, not needy, have brains as well as beauty, and know how to cater in other ways beyond sex to your mate.

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Kryptonite….may be your mate’s weakness….but overexposure increases strength. If that is all you have to offer….your mate will eventually seek a more complete package and  overcome his or her feebleness to you.

Have you ever been weakened by “Kryptonite” and stayed in a broken relationship longer than you should have? What are your thoughts?


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