The Perks In Dating a Divorcee!

Across the internet there are several articles that discuss the “Beware Attributes” when dating a divorced woman. Pass those hurdles and understand her strife, you are good to go. As divorcees come with challenges, we have baggage such as children, ex-husbands, a sense of failure and unresolved anger or grief because of our circumstance. Yes, I posted a blog about the “5 Things You Should Know In Dating A Divorcee! A Professional Perspective. My Insights!”. However, it stressed all of the divorcees baggage. Well, how about the positive attributes? What makes a divorced woman a great catch? There are definite benefits in dating a woman who has experienced life and relationships. A divorcee could be the optimum choice for your lifestyle depending on the person.

Here are my positives:


Don’t Assume All Divorced Women Are The Same

It is easy to categorize us and put us in the same box. Especially, if you’ve never been married. You may assume the women is struggling financially, she needs someone to take care of her. On the contrary, many divorced women I know are independent and are doing a “bang up” job at their career. You may assume she is bitter about her divorce and it will permeate into her new relationship. Nope! Many divorced women have learned how to forgive, accept what didn’t work, learn from past experiences and move forward. She likely has developed a healthy perspective on relationships and marriage. You may view her children as baggage and are probably undisciplined little brats. Without realizing, that those children are beguiling, a pure joy to be around and you are intrigued to learn more and just be around them.


She’s That MILF or “Taken” Woman You Been Fantasizing About Who Is Now Available.

Every man has fantasized over a married woman and sucker punched themselves because of poor timing when meeting them. You sit and wonder who is the lucky Schmuck that took this gem off the market?.Well guess what? She is back on the market, and her product is still enticing. You might have a chance to court her. Divorce is her second chance in finding love. Apparently, her ex-husband was not her happily ever after and you might have the goods to win her heart.


She Knows Some Things.

The first thought that may come to mind is what’s wrong with her? She is after all divorced, thus she failed at her marriage. Well, whether it was her fault, her ex-husband’s fault or just irreconcilable differences on both parts, divorce is not a sign of failure but a learning experience.  Unlike never-married women, this divorced woman knows a few things about what it takes to make a marriage work, and she is not likely to repeat past mistakes. She knows herself and has relationship experience. She is very familiar with handling conflict and making compromises. These characteristics can make her a better partner than dating someone with limited relationship experience.


She Can Be Less Demanding

Marriage may not be on the horizon or if she does desire marriage, it is all about keeping it simple. If she has children, her biological clock may not be ticking.  Or if she desires more children, she is content with adding only one more to her existing brood. She is okay with taking her time exploring a relationship than having set milestones on a quick path to marriage. On the other hand, a never-married woman may have her fairy tale wedding all planned in her mind and the price tag is probably a down payment on a home or a nice BMW convertible.  If you are unsure about marriage, despise the notion of financing an expensive wedding affair or question your desire for children, let alone a multiple greater than one, then a divorced woman may be a great fit for you.

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