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The “Playdate” Date! What to Expect!

As a divorcee with kids, your dating prospects includes those with and without kids. ¬†Your kids are an integral part of your life, so naturally you want to make sure those prospects will be able to connect with your sprouts and you and their offsprings will be able to mesh together. Continue reading The “Playdate” Date! What to Expect!

5 Can’t-Argue-With Reasons To Date A Single Mom

I thought this article on YourTango.com was absolutely great and to the point. Similar to a few articles already posted here: Perks In Dating A Divorcee, 5 Things You Should Know In Dating a Divorce Woman- A Professional Perspective, My Insights!; Should A Guy Be Accepting of Not Being #1 Priority When Dating A Single Mom. While it re-iterates what the articles I previously posted….It is always great to hear these views from multiple sources. This is definitely for the gents who do not realize the value in dating a Single Mom and/or Divorcee! Enjoy!

Continue reading 5 Can’t-Argue-With Reasons To Date A Single Mom