Refreshed, Renewed and Refocused!

I am fresh from vacation and back on my blog grind. I immensely enjoyed my selfie vacay as well as my family vacay with my little sprouts. It is a wonderful feeling when your mind is clear and you are re-energized to focus and dedicate your life to your priorities.


My priorities:

Positive Spirit, My Sprouts, Success and Fitness! 

All of these are intertwined. Success is ensuring life’s battles do not deter my positivity, my sprouts are happy, healthy and motivated to pursue their dreams and I am healthy to keep up with my sprouts endless energy.

So far I have attained this achievement for the most part, however, I am raising the bar. I had the luxury to go to Cancun and attend Destination Fit Trip.  It was a great opportunity to train with some of the best fitness instructors in the game. Being with like-minded individuals re-energized my focus to become better fit.

I am human, while I always incorporate exercise in my lifestyle, my diet plan has been lackluster at times…and there have been times where I have slacked with my weekly exercise goals.  Sometimes you need a boost. And my Cancun vacation and meeting wonderful people did just that for me.

My sprouts loved the Disney Cruise and my bond with my children grew tighter. Sometimes you get caught up with the daily grind with work, extracurricular activities and life that it limits your interaction with your children. Six uninterrupted days with my sprouts was much-needed. It was refreshing to me and renewed my appreciation of my most important role in life as “mother”.

This past week and a half I was so busy enjoying being a “Happily Divorcee/ Mother” I forgot about all the pain and struggle it took me to get to this point. And guess what, who cares? I am here now! I am a Happily Divorcee!



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