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Single-Mom Dating Woes- Not Taken Seriously- Advice from Coach Evan Marc Katz

I came across this interesting article about a single mom’s dating struggles on Evan Marc Katz’s site. In her case men are interested…but only for a potential good time not for a relationship as they are in to her but do not want the responsibilities of dealing with the children and ex-husband. This woman’s experience and Evan’s advice is my reality of my date-life as a divorcee. My approach to dating has evolved like Evan’s advice suggests. I shifted from dating men without any attachments to the 40-something divorced with kids. However, the challenge remains on the ultimate time you are available compared to a woman who has no responsibilities. The divorced are enjoying their new post-marriage life and well…. the journey continues. So I say just be happy within,  enjoy life’s blessings, your sprouts and eventually one day maybe the perfect match will come. But don’t waste your pretty dwelling on it. Enjoy this read my Single Mommies!

I’m a Single Mom Who Is Ready To Give Up On Men Because They All Want Sex.

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The Alpha Woman’s Struggle!

A few days ago I shared an article that was posted on EliteDaily.com Ladies, The Smarter You Are, The More Likely You Are To Be Single  I had a personal connection and resonated with the author’s tone in her article.  I deem myself as intelligent, independent and strong. While warm-spirited and fun-loving and uninhibited to life’s offerings, all characteristics that gents initially love about me, I am Continue reading The Alpha Woman’s Struggle!

On celebrating Valentine’s Day as a Single Mom

Thought this was to the point. Happy Valentine’s Day to the Single Mommies!

Cookies and Confessions

Valentine's post

I get it. This is the year’s most romantic holiday and you are celebrating alone. But, let’s face it.

We’re never alone!

We have our beautiful children. And, if this holiday is all about celebrating love, what greater love is there on earth than a mother’s love for her children? Not much. Actually, I think it’s the most powerful love I’ve ever felt between two people. It takes a lot of love to still enjoy being with our children after a day when they have destroyed the house, whined, and have decided to take a shower in the dog’s water bowl using a ramekin (well, maybe this is something only my child has done… Ha!).

So, there are several ways that we can have can have an awesome Valentine’s day with our kids.

1) Make your own Valentine’s day cards

Apparently, back before you could buy cards premade at the…

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